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Salon Pro 30 Sec Lace Wig Bond Conditioning Remover - 2 Fl. Oz. (60 mL)

Salon Pro 30 Sec Quick Release Remover Lace Wig Bond Conditioning Remover with Vitamin E Oil & Argan Oil - 2 Fl. Oz. (60 mL)
  • Softens & Dissolves Adhesive Residue
  • Fast Release of Adhesive
  • Conditions as it Cleanses
Salon Pro 30 Sec Lace Wig Bond Conditioning Remover is fast acting, as it conditions the skin during the removal process. 

  1. Apply Salon Pro 30 Sec Conditioning Remover onto the adhesive using a cotton ball and allow to completely loosen, (DO NOT PULL). Reapply if it has not loosened enough. Rub gently in a circular motion to help dissolve and remove any additional adhesive. 
  2. Gently lift the lace wig from the head.
  3. If there is any adhesive left on the skin, apply a small amount of Remover to a cotton ball, and gently rub onto the remaining adhesive on the skin.

Professional Use


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