Ebin 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Human Hair 10A L Part Lace Front Wig - OCEAN WAVE 24"26"30"32"

$259.99 $279.99

Ebin Brazilian Human 10A L Part lace Front Wig

  • L’ shape of lace part for natural look
  • 100% unprocessed Human Hair
  • Baby hair all around the hair line
  • Can be styled using curling iron, flat iron without damage
  • Sleek and silky texture
  • Distinctive comb position for extreme secure


Ask a Question
  • How to shampoo your unit?

    Here are some steps recommended for all human hair wigs:

    - Before washing please detangle by using your fingers or a wide tooth comb.
    - Use cold or tap cold water to rinse your unit. Let the water run, do not wring or rub.
    - Apply a very small drop of mild shampoo to the wet hair (avoid the roots and scalp area).
    - Comb the shampoo through (with fingers or wide tooth comb) starting from the bottom and work your way up in sections. Do not rub the hair or scalp area.
    - Gently apply some soapy water to the inside of cap, do not scrub (do not use hot water as that can damage the cap).
    - Rinse again with cool or lukewarm water from top down and inside cap to remove excess shampoo. Let water run until clear.
    - Repeat same directions with conditioner if desired, do not leave conditioner on for more than 3-5 minutes.
    - Gently press towel on hair, do not wring or twist the hair. Gently squeeze excess water from wig.
    - Allow wig to air dry naturally. You can place wet wig on a wig stand until completely dry, do NOT use blow dryer.
    - Avoid sun exposure and high temperatures to protect the wig.

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